Thursday, August 20, 2009

The doggie drama

I am a dog lover. I can't help it. And, I don't have one. Not one, two, three, none. I really don't have the yard for a dog. Plus, my AB (amazing boyfriend) isn't a dog lover. Yet. One day, though, I won't be able to stand it any longer and have to get one. Or two.

Currently, my sister and I volunteer monthly at the local shelter. Our job is called "Puppy Therapy" (no joke!). On our designated day, we head to the shelter, give the available puppies baths and make sure they are clean and up to date with their health, and take them to an assisted living (retirement) home. This week, we had only one puppy, an eight week old border collie mix who was as fluffy as a stuffed teddy bear, all black with a white stripe down his chest. He was the cutest!
He also got sick on the ride to the retirement home.
He then fell asleep. On laps. On Dolores' lap, on Dorothy's lap, on Leon's lap. And, Dolores was mad. "This is a stupid puppy. Its sleeping!"
I promise, I will bring a better puppy next time.

For one tired, sleepy puppy, it was in a room of about 25 golden apples (as I call them), all in a circle of chairs, walkers, and assisted moving devices. They each get a few minutes to hold and pet the puppy. This was the last time I would let someone tell me the puppy bit them. Yet, the sleeping puppy was accused of biting someone.

So, after the nurse came and "checked out" the puppy bite, I had to remind each golden apple--"Keep your fingers away from the puppy's mouth. Do not stick your fingers or hand in the puppy's face or mouth. It may bite you."

I can only take it for so long. The women grab the puppy, kiss it, get mad it didn't kiss them back. These women (sure, we get a few men every now and then, but its mostly women. With their makeup on and dressed in their Sunday best.) stick their long skinny fingers in the puppies face, especially the mouth, trying to force each and every puppy to lick them. Eventually, the puppies nibble and chew on their skin...thus we have a bite!

Sure, everyone loves a good lick now and then. But these women go to extremes to get it! lol


jan said...

Hurray for you and you sister and your volunteer work.

Thanks for visiting the Poodles, the dogs and me.

Anticelebrity said...

That sounds like a fab scheme. Puppy Therapy! Everyone benefits.

And what do your Golden Apples expect, puppies do play bite- they're only babies!

One of my rabbits bites- I've learned to keep my fingers out the way!

Keep up the great work x