Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cleaning House

One thing that makes me feel better is cleaning.  In the middle of winter and sometime during spring, I like to clean out my closets and thin down the "stuff" I have in my possession.  I have learned a few tricks that make it easier to organize and clean out your life:
  1. Do one room or closet at a time.  
  2. Get 3 bins to separate your items:  donate, sell, keep.  I don't usually have a throw out bin, because if its in bad shape, I usually toss it immediately.  The walk to the garbage is a nice break, oddly enough.
  3. I put all my Sell Items on Ebay for a 7 or 10 day listing.  if the items don't sell, I usually then re-evaluate to keep or give the item away.  
  4. Its okay to keep sentimental items.  I have a few boxes that are marked with dates or peoples names on them, and this year, I think I am ready to get rid of one or two.  Time isn't something you can rush...going or coming.
  5. Its okay to collect things.  I have a shoebox filled with pez dispensers and old candy.  Yes, I might be able to throw out the candy this year.  I also save records.  
  6. Clothes that are worn out and don't fit: toss!!  If its sentimental, put it in a box!!
  7. Get a tax receipt from the place you donate:  Take notes, but you might be able to use the donation as a tax deduction.
  8. Underwear and Bras get worn out and need to be thrown out.  If you have a pair of panties that don't fit, just toss them!  If you gain or lose weight and need that size again, guess what?  You can buy another pair.  
  9. Makeup doesn't last forever--neither does hair spray.  If your makeup is over a year old, you should probably toss it.  The most popular colors are usually rarely changed or discontinued.  You can check online to see before you toss the old one to make sure.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Blahs

Today has been a wonderful surprise-- above freezing!  Even though it wasn't sunny, it was still in the mid 30s, which felt like a balmy fall day.  How sad is that?  I walked Frank (my dog) twice around the neighborhood, feeling the slushy melting snow under my boots.  The lack of sun did not help motivate me, but I packed up some catalogs to pass out tomorrow when we walk.
One of the problems I have with winter is my dry skin.  I am not normally a person who slathers on the creams, body lotions, or hand salves.  But, this winter has done a number on my 34 year old skin.  I have upgraded my nightly ritual to the Anew reversalist night moisturizer and the Footworks Overnight Renewing Cream.  I put a thick layer on my feet and covered them with slipper socks.
Overnight Renewing Foot Cream is now on sale for $2.99 in my Avon online store.  It works wonders.  I personally use it, and after a few nights, you will want to wear your flip flops just to show those toes and feet off!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Books delivered to Jewel and Bronkos today

Happy New Year!
I have a gut feeling 2011 will be a good year.  2010 was a rough one for many people I know.
Start your new year off right with a great new look at a fair price.
This morning, I delivered books to Jewel Osco and Bronko's in Crown Point.  Some of the deals in the Campaign 3 book (featuring Keri Hilson) shows off the newest Avon Imari fragrance: Imari Mystique.
Some other deals include:

  • Lip Balms 79cents
  • Anew Buy One Get one for $5 or $10
  • Footworks products 2 for $6.99
  • Nailwear Pro Nail Polish $2.99
If you need a book- email me at