Thursday, December 31, 2009

Great Avon Deals

Here are a few good deals I found browsing my online Avon Store this morning:
  • Jillian Dempsey For Avon Beauty Essentials Kit (pictured above): Your choice of warm or cool shades, a small, handy dandy travel sized kit with mirror has everything you need on the go or when traveling- 2 eye colors, 2 lip colors, and a blush. Cream based and easily applied with your fingers or use the enclosed travel makeup brush. ONLY $3.99 today!
  • Pro-To-Go Lipstick in Limited Edition Shades, $2.99: This lipstick is reg. priced $7.99, a favorite.
  • Various Lip Balms, 69 cents each: Winter Delights lipbalms and Sweet Spells Lip balms (halloween flavors) are on clearance for 69 cents each! Great time to stock up at that price!
  • Naturals Apple & Honeysuckle Body Polish, $1.49: Smells great and exfoliates in the shower!! yummy
  • Footworks Berry Mint Gift Set, $9.99: Moisturizing Foot Cream, Foot Soak (Both in Berry Mint scent), pom pom bootie socks, a pumice stone, and a gift bag with card.
  • Tahitian Holiday Exotic Body Mist, $3.99: A light and refreshing body spray with hints of tiare flower and island musk.
  • Ultra Color Rich Lipstick, $3.99: My personal favorite. 24K Gold shades only $4.99!
  • Glimmersticks waterproof eyeliners $3.49: If your eyes tear up easily (like mine), you will love this!!

Don't forget to shop my online Avon Store at for these great deals. Get Free shipping with promo code REPFLYER.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec 31 last day to enter drawing for goody bag!

Raspberry beret on sale at
Makeup by Avon and Mark. available at (free shipping code is REPFLYER)

Everyone! Dec 31 is the last day to make a purchase on my online Avon store to qualify for December's free giveaway. This month, I can squeak to you a few goodies:
  • One Glazewear lip gloss
  • A Full Size of an Avon Women's Cologne
  • A planet Spa product
  • samples
  • and that's not all!!

To be entered for this drawing, simply make a purchase at my online Avon Store (or in person) before the end of the month. One entry per person per month. Winner will be announced January 1st along with a picture of the mystery grab bag. If winner is not in my immediate area, I will ship the prize to them via US Mail. Only good in US.

So, what are you waiting for? You can buy a deodorant for 99 cents or a lip balm for 79 cents on clearance, use the free shipping code (REPFLYER) and possibly win over $25 worth of goodies!!! Isn't that worth a try??

If you are wondering about the picture above, I used the following products:

  • Mark tinted moisturizer with SPF in nude(the lightest color they have)
  • Avon Smooth Minerals foundation in transparent glow
  • Avon Ultra Color Rich 24k Gold Lipstick in Natural Gold
  • Mark eyeshadows in Cake and Plum Velvet

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope my family likes the gifts they got--- most of my gifts were Etsy finds or Avon Deals! All the gals got Avon Slippers, my sister got Strawberry Shortcake buttons from Etsy and my bother and other sister got photographs to frame from lorimackay photograpy on Etsy. My brother got a welding hat and socks-- from all three sisters. I made his fiance a beret in her favorite color, and my sister's fiance got a copy of the newest family guy star wars parody.
I always worry I don't get people nice enough gifts. I worry I don't spend enough or that I look cheap. I refuse to from now on. Yesterday, I was so worried....and I really did good. I hope AB liked his gifts. He is a tough one to shop for, and I didn't spend a lot, but I put a lot of thought into his presents. I made him a stocking cap in brown (as he asked for), some luggage, his favorite coffee, and some hand cream and a movie. I want to buy him clothes, but I am so worried he won't like what I pick out or it won't fit. He loves cars, but I don't have enough to buy him one ( day), and he loves beer (but he makes his own, so I don't want to buy him beer).

Monday, December 21, 2009

Just a few days away....

Just a few days till Christmas.
Before you know it, we will be in 2010 and I will have my resolutions written and put off to the side. And then, June will be here and I will still not have accomplished anything! lol, its horrible, but hopefully, it will be different this year.

Ex Hot Girl has inspired me to get in shape this next year.
I will make President's Club with Avon
I will be completely debt free
I will sell at least 1 million in real estate
I will buy a house (if I don't become engaged)
I will adopt a pet
I will be happy to be me.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bad Weather=perfect opportunity to clean!

I woke up this morning with all intentions to go shopping super early. Penneys was opening at 6 am (gasp!) and walmart never closes, so I planned on waking up around 6 and getting out the door around 6:30.
Still dark, the sky glistened with little bits of glitter...big monster snow flakes, to be exact! That delayed me until around 7:30--but I did it-- got to JCPenney's and Walmart, got some gas, and went to the grocery store (and even dropped off Avon Catalogs at Jewel and Bronkos) and made it home by 10:30 am.
So, I spent this morning making cookies, doing dishes and making some cabbage soup. Now, I am ready for a nap but its only 2 pm. I figure I will head to AB's house around 6:30/7 for pizza and a movie (it is date night). But, from now until then, this is the perfect opportunity to do some well needed cleaning. My home looks like Avon, the yarn fairy, and santa claus threw up all over it!

I am excited to announce that I have a handful of goodies to put on Etsy monday morning. I made a basic beret in sunshine, some dishcloths, the hair scrunchies I still haven't put up there, a large potholder/trivet in sage green, and maybe one more hat if I have time.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

My gram Honey once told me that moisturizer was very important to your skin. I was about 12 and thought the woman was crazy. Years later, in my 20s, I suffered from acne and an oily T-zone. I worked briefly for Clinique one winter. The beauty advisors there told me I should be using moisturizer. Are you crazy? I thought-- my skin is soo oily!! But, I tried it, and loved the results! Within 2 weeks, my skin changed dramatically and I noticed my breakouts to a serious minimum (like 1 compared to 4 at a time!!)
With winter weather, our skin dries out pretty quick. Even if you have an oily T-zone or you think your skin is extra oily or dry, you should still use moisturizer. My skin has been overly dry this past week, which gets annoying quickly! Make sure to drink plenty of water in winter months when the weather is cold. Its very easy to drink hot cocoa, tea, or coffee, but don't forget your water and juices!! Staying hydrated helps. I also take a multivitamin during the winter, when I tend to eat more breads and pastas and less fresh vegetables and fruits.
What is the best kind of moisturizer for you? Avon offers many types of skin care products, in various price ranges. If you are young (under 25) you might want to try the solutions and clearskin brands. Clearskin professional is Avon's comparable product to ProActive. My sister and brother use them and love them. I, in my early 30s, like the Anew Rejuvenate brand. I have a sister who is 31 and uses the Liiv Botanical line of skin care. She uses the night moisturizer both during the day and in the evening. The day version has an spf, but since she mostly works indoors in the winter, she can use the same one and save a bit of money.
Avon Solutions and Avon Basics both offer a less price alternative to a basic moisturizer. These are great if you don't feel like you are ready to target problem areas yet (like aging skin, acne prone skin, or extra dry/oily skin).

I have noticed that I get more breakouts when I don't moisturize. Its one easy step to feeling both vibrant and relaxed each day.
This week's Avon SkinCare deals:
Clearskin Professional (one week) trial kit $9.99
Anew Rejuvenate -- Buy one get one for $5!
Solutions Winter Night Cream (night moisturizer) and Day Cream (daytime moisturizer w/SPF) $4.99 each!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jumping the Gun!

Oh I love my sisters! I really do, they are my best friends.
I have a funny story to tell, though. Today, I got a Christmas card from my sister (who just got engaged to her boyfriend). It was from "Mr. & Mrs. [boyfriends's last name]"
Inside was a picture of them and a save the date announcement. Funny, according to the are ALREADY MARRIED!! Was she just practicing? I have no clue why she did that!
I love my sister, but I think she is jumping the gun on this. I don't think its proper to call yourself a Mrs when you are not (yet). You are jinxing yourself, aren't you??

Granted, I love AB (amazing boyfriend) and I would love it if he was ready to pop the question. Heck, I even thought about doing it myself, but my mom didn't think it was a good idea. He's the type of guy that would want to ask me, not the other way around. If we were engaged, I wouldn't call myself Mrs. AB...until the wedding ring is on and we are announced as such.

Today's Avon deal of the day: Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipstick-- its awesome for the holidays and New Years, complete with super tiny little flecks of real gold that are not too overwhelming but add a nice golden sparkle. I love it and have 3 of these!! ONLY $4.99 . Get free shipping with promo code REPFLYER at my online Avon Store-

My Etsy Find of the day: Buttonhead: She makes custom buttons, magnets, cards, stickers, you name it! She made me a custom order this week for a Christmas present. I got it 2 days later, in perfect condition and SUPER CUTE! please visit Buttonhead at -

My Etsy Store: Today I will be listing crocheted scrunchies for your hair. I have a set of 2 (one olive green, one sparkley blue) for only $3.00!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NEW! Virtual Makeover!!

Did you know that you can upload a picture of yourself on my online Avon store and give yourself a virtual makeover with any or all of Avon's products?
Its a ton of fun!! If you don't have a picture of yourself to upload, they do supply some models so you can see what different lipsticks/blush/bronzer/eyeshadows look like.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Novembers Winner!

Congrats to Donna from Indiana! She won this fabulous grab bag from!
Her grab bag consists of :
  • 2010 Avon Calendar
  • Sweet Honesty Cologne Purse size ($1.99)
  • Pretty Petal Lip Balm ($0.99)
  • Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara in Black (reg. $6.50, currently on sale for $1.99)
  • Mark Juice Gem Lip Gloss in Raspberry ($6)
  • Ultra Luxury Eye Liner in Black ($5)
  • 8 in 1 Lip Palette in Natural Ribbons (reg. $12, on sale $4.99)
  • Skin So Soft Signature Silk Mini body lotion and body wash ($0.99 each)
  • Naturals Mini Vanilla Body Lotion ($0.99)
  • Avon Clinical Professional Strech Mark Smoother trial size ($7.50)
  • Naturals Peach Shower Gel ($6)
  • Naturals Peach Body Spray ($9)
  • Skin So Soft Soft n Sensual Body Lotion ($8)
  • Skin So Soft Soft n Sensual Deodorant (reg $0.99, on sale $0.89)
  • tons of samples!

Total Value (sale prices) is $55.32!!!

To enter December's Giveaway, simply make a purchase on or use me as your personal Avon Representative anytime during December. On Jan.1, I will announce the winner of the mystery grab bag, always worth over $30.

Terms: One entry per person per month. Winners first name and state will be announced on Only good in USA. One grab bag winner per month. Winner is picked randomly (putting names on paper and drawing name from a bag, very technical.) To gain entry, you must order in month of December. Online orders must be paid for during month, personal delivery orders must be made during month, and orders must be paid in full in order to receive grab bag. Must use me as your Avon rep--Lisa!