Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope my family likes the gifts they got--- most of my gifts were Etsy finds or Avon Deals! All the gals got Avon Slippers, my sister got Strawberry Shortcake buttons from Etsy and my bother and other sister got photographs to frame from lorimackay photograpy on Etsy. My brother got a welding hat and socks-- from all three sisters. I made his fiance a beret in her favorite color, and my sister's fiance got a copy of the newest family guy star wars parody.
I always worry I don't get people nice enough gifts. I worry I don't spend enough or that I look cheap. I refuse to from now on. Yesterday, I was so worried....and I really did good. I hope AB liked his gifts. He is a tough one to shop for, and I didn't spend a lot, but I put a lot of thought into his presents. I made him a stocking cap in brown (as he asked for), some luggage, his favorite coffee, and some hand cream and a movie. I want to buy him clothes, but I am so worried he won't like what I pick out or it won't fit. He loves cars, but I don't have enough to buy him one ( day), and he loves beer (but he makes his own, so I don't want to buy him beer).

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