Thursday, February 25, 2010


This morning, I came to work ready to face the day. I usually check my emails before I leave for work, but each morning I do, I am upset before the day starts. I hope for a sale in my etsy shop, an online order in my avon online store, an email with a new order, or some fun note from a sibling or parent. Usually-- its more like this: notes of things to do from bossman, bills now available for review and payment, spam, spam, sales at sears and jcpenneys (when I have no fun money to spend), and invites for broker open houses on days I am already working in the office.
I said today, "Don't get mad before the day begins. I'll check my mail when I get to work." My main problem is that my work emails get forwarded to my personal email I can check them when ever...where ever.
Guess what! My all pinks beaded hair barrette sold this morning on Etsy. I had a sale on my Avon online store. Its a wonderful day. I'm battling taxes and I am working for bossman, but I am happy!!
look at the item I sold:
Tonight, I get to see AB. He worked a super long day yesterday, so we didn't get a chance to see each other. I know he will be happy about my sales, both on Avon and Etsy. Right now, I need to get working on a bpo for bossman and then do some more tax prep for myself. I am going to keep a nice excel sheet this year for next year. Going through bill by bill and receipt by receipt is awful!! Its sooo time consuming and not worth it. I'm scared I will have to break down and get an accountant to help me. I've never done taxes for Avon before...the other schedule Cs I have down pat, but this one will be a bit different, because there is inventory, give aways, etc.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Make more Money!

Looking for an opportunity to make some extra money--working for yourself, and not someone else? Well, why not Avon?

Avon allows you to make your own schedule and do what you want with it. Many people don't know the benefits of working as an Independent Contractor-- like me (an Avon Sales Rep).

Becoming an Avon Rep is easy. Its a nominal fee of $10 to get you started. When I joined, my district manager gave me catalogs and samples to help me get started. I wrote my name on each book with my phone number and dropped them off at the grocery store (next to the homes magazines), the pizza place, and two chinese restaurants. I left a few at the post office on a table. I handed them to my sisters. And, guess what? A week later, I had a few orders. I still do the same thing each week, and I always get a few orders. Its as simple as that. If I had more time, I might walk from door to door hanging catalogs on everyone's steps, but I just don't have enough time in the day.

Have you thought about becoming an Avon Rep? I love it, and you might, too! For only $10, its worth finding out, isn't it??

If you have any interest, please email me--- or visit my online storefront, for more information.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the nightmare (of getting married)

How embarassing! I woke up from a vampire nightmare around 5:15 am. Got up, walked around (to make sure there were none hiding!), grabbed some water and went back to bed. Woke up again around 7 from another nightmare--- AB was going to propose!
Now, that shouldn't be a nightmare...that should be a reason to celebrate. Its something I hope for everyday....and something I hope to one day experience. In my dream, we were in some kind of mall, and he had gotten a flyer of some sort from a jeweler. He said we needed to talk, and I saw a glimpse of the flyer---which was full of pictures of different engagement rings...and I ran!
I ran to find my mom and tell her. I was scared he wanted me to pick out my own ring (I don't want to, thats his job and he has great taste!). I was scared I wasn't ready. After I found my mom, we got lost. Then, I went to a small kiosk looking for a girly product, but I had no money, so I stole it! It didn't make any sense, but I woke up just as scared as the vampire nightmare. The only good thing about the vampire nightmare -- I know I stabbed one of them and they turned to dust. I also had a sword in my hand and waved it around violently and expertly, in my opionion.

Am I scared AB might be ready? Am I not?? He already told me one day we could have a dog...I know he is coming around to that, but....whats wrong with me???

Maybe taping some lipstick samples to some catalogs will help me ease my mind. Yes, the catalogs I put out at the grocery stores have samples. I think samples are the best way to get new customers.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh How I love my FOOTWORKS

Okay-- these items have saved my rough dry feet! I love LOVE LOVE these 3 products. As you can see, the bottom one looks smooshed...cause its almost out!
My three musts for great feeling and looking feet:
  • Therapeutic Cracked Heel Relief Cream (on sale $1.99!!) This stuff is thick and creamy. I put it on after my shower. If you have cracked heels--- I feel like it works magic! Three days in a row and you will feel a difference.
  • Footworks Overnight Renewing Foot Cream (on sale $4.99) You really should put socks on after applying this silky cream. It has tiny moisture beads that activate as you rub the cream into your foot. I apply it all over, from my toes to my ankles!! Yes, put socks on to lock in the power of the cream and you will be amazed at how soft your feet feel when you wake up the next morning. I only need to use this one once or twice a week in the dry of winter.
  • Footworks Pedi Peel ($3.99) You get 22 little pads. Use one on each foot on the rough areas only. Avon recommends using every other day, but I have only used these a few times all winter, because the other creams really do the trick. This is my "I've been slacking and my dry rough heels are scaring AB" remedy.

These items are total musts for rough dry feet. I like mine looking good both in winter and summer...don't you??

All these items are available in my online Avon Storefront. Visit for all your personal needs---and get free shipping with promo code REPFLYER

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting Carded in your 30s

Sure, it was fun when you were 21. It was like, "Take that you judging adult! I am old enough to legally buy this beer!!"
It was annoying when you are 25. I have been old enough to buy beer or wine for like 4 years now!!
When you are 33, its unbearable! Yes, folks: Today I was carded. I was carded buying a lottery ticket!! A lottery ticket in which you need to be 18 to purchase!! It wasn't a guy or a bitch. It was a nice older lady at a gas station. She asked for my ID.
"Not to be rude, but I left it in the car. Its a complete impulse buy. I'm 33 years old."
"Well, I am not sure if you are 18."
So, I went to my car to prove it to her...Yes, I am 33. She apologized afterwards and told me I don't look my age. Insert foot, yes, I know you are just doing your job, but c'mon!! I'm 33!!! I know I look at least in my mid 20s.

So, that was my day. People in line were mad that I had to go to my car to get my license. I had $10 in my hand to get some gas...and I decided at the last minute to buy a lotto powerball ticket. My fault...really!!
Maybe that ANEW really does the trick!! It doesn't hurt, that's for sure!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is love measurable?

I was listening to the radio this morning, on my way to work. Humming along to "I love you so much." Is that possible? If you say,'I love you so much' can you say 'I love you a little'?
How about a plain...I love you.
I love AB, really, I do. And, I always catch myself telling him, "AB, I love you soooo much."
How much?? I'm such a dork. I don't think its really measurable. You love someone or you don't. Now, you can a measurable amount. You can like things just alright, plenty good, tons, a little, some, or not at all. You can't like someone sooo much or just a bit.
I love my sisters. I love my brother and my family. I love them...simple as that. Now, I can get mad and be upset and grumpy at them, but it will never change how I feel about them...or how much love I have for them.
Let's stop saying all together how much do we love thee?? Sure, you can count the ways, but not the measurement of true love.
Just a little food for thought.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Snow and More Snow

Our totals were about 8 inches of snow here in Indiana. I know many more of you are dealing with more....and some of you less...but 8 inches can be a lot if you don't like driving or commuting in this weather!! I really want a frozen pizza for dinner but don't want to go out and get it.
Please say a prayer for my sis, Kiki. She is under the weather. Thank goodness she has the day off work tomorrow, but I worry so much about her---she works in a grocery store (and does she have the stories to boot!!) and deals with mass amounts of public---can you say, "Germs?"
So, I hope she feels better soon, she won't have another day off until Tuesday.
Its a full craft night here in lisas home. A very messy, unorganized craft night.
I have a showing first thing in the morning, and AB will be previewing the Chicago Auto Show (yes, he is privledged and gets to go before anyone else) tomorrow, so I will have two great craft days in a row. Yes, I need to go to work, too, but that's only 8 hours of my day.
I need to organize (my thoughts included).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring line in the works the works...
I have been working on my spring line of accessories for my etsy shop (
I want to offer crocheted bags and knitted totes this spring. I have started on my first crocheted bag this week. I haven't yet figured if it will be a small wristlet or a tiny tote, but its a light aqua blue and made of 100% cotton.
I also want to try my hand at a few tshirts, but I am still working on the artwork for those.
I am thininking of a few mantras that would be great on tshirts--which is hard!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

On sale!!

This week in my Avon online store (
  • Skin So Soft Wintersoft Handcream only 99 cents (look in Outlet)
  • Naturals Antibacterial Hand Gels 99 cents (look in Outlet)
  • Bubble Bath only $5.99 for 24 oz!! (look in Bath &Body)
  • Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil, 24 oz $9.99 on sale!! (Bath & Body)
  • Smooth Minerals and Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks $4.99 each (makeup)
  • Super Extend Mascara on sale $3.99 (in Makeup)
  • Glimmersticks on sale $2.99 (in Makeup)
  • ANEW Products on Sale (in Skincare)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Post 101

Are you covered in snow today? Here in Indiana, we got about one inch, which is not bad. Of course, the blowing and drifts are reminescent to the Indiana Dunes, which are amazing. Giant mountains of sand against Lake Michigan. If you are ever driving through Northern Indiana, you must stop and check it out!
This morning, after cleaning my car that looked like a small hill of snow, I went to the post office. I sold 2 scarves on my online Etsy store. I am so excited to now have 6 sales under my belt. That's pretty good, but not good enough. My etsy store and my Avon business will hopefully help finance not only my retirement but also my true love: to open a bakery.
My bakery has been in the works for a long time, since I was 20. Its been a dream, and hopefully it will come true next year. Even though I would term it a bakery, it will be more of a general store. I want to have home-made candles, soaps, and knitted goods too. I will also serve fresh fruit juices and sandwiches with a little cafe in the corner. Sounds over the top or too busy to some, but I have thought about it long and hard. I want to use as much of the local produce and fare that I can, I think it will not only bring in customers and loyalty, but it will also keep our area thriving. If the property I rent has the space, I want to have a small greenhouse to grow produce and herbs, too. Its a dream, but I have to get it going. I know both of my sisters would work for me, but I need upfront capital so I can pay them---thus, Etsy better get going soon!! lol.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend--- its sunny here now, but I don't know how long it will last. If you are covered in snow, settle down with a book or mag and just chill. I'm going to try not to watch tooo much tv this weekend, its been too depressing lately.
xoxox lisalee

Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Grab Bag Winner!!

Congrats to Cathy C. from New Hampshire. She won this month's giveaway. This month's giveaway featured Mark products (a division of Avon) and is shown above. Cathy placed an order online (at my online Avon Store) during January.
This grab bag consists of:
  • On Mark. Pencil sharpener, $1
  • On the edge liquid eyeliner in Cleo, $6
  • Glow Baby Glow hook up lip gloss in Honey, $6
  • One mark hook up (to connect her lipgloss and eyeliner) 50 cents
  • Juice gems lip gloss in Pomegranite $6
  • Juice gems lip gloss in Honeydew $6
  • City Riding Hat in Brown Tweed $15.00

plus a mark skincare guide with many samples!!

This giftbag is worth over $40

How would you like to win a grab bag?

Monthly giveaway rules:

Make a purchase in person or through my online Avon Store ( Limit one entry per person per month. Must use me as your avon or mark rep. Offer good in usa only. One winner will be randomly chosen and will receive a gift bag in the mail. Winners first name, last initial and state will be posted here on my blog first week of next month. Picture of grabbag and items will be announced with chosen winner. Grab bag will be mailed to winner at no cost to winner, please allow 4-6 weeks for prize. Avon and mark are not affiliated or associated with my monthly giveaway, its just something I do as an independent representative of Avon.