Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Snow and More Snow

Our totals were about 8 inches of snow here in Indiana. I know many more of you are dealing with more....and some of you less...but 8 inches can be a lot if you don't like driving or commuting in this weather!! I really want a frozen pizza for dinner but don't want to go out and get it.
Please say a prayer for my sis, Kiki. She is under the weather. Thank goodness she has the day off work tomorrow, but I worry so much about her---she works in a grocery store (and does she have the stories to boot!!) and deals with mass amounts of public---can you say, "Germs?"
So, I hope she feels better soon, she won't have another day off until Tuesday.
Its a full craft night here in lisas home. A very messy, unorganized craft night.
I have a showing first thing in the morning, and AB will be previewing the Chicago Auto Show (yes, he is privledged and gets to go before anyone else) tomorrow, so I will have two great craft days in a row. Yes, I need to go to work, too, but that's only 8 hours of my day.
I need to organize (my thoughts included).

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ShellSpann said...

I'm in Missouri and if we got 8" of now they'd call it a blizzard. :)