Sunday, January 31, 2010

New in my Etsy shop!

This seed bead barrette is only $3.50 in my etsy shop. It is a small, 2 inch long french barrette adorned with two different blues on plastic line. It is a slender barrette.

visit my etsy store:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Free Sample of Avon's Eternal Magic!

Make a purchase at my online Avon Store during January and get a free sample of Avon's newest scent-- Eternal Magic!! Each sample will be mailed separately. Yes, you will still be entered into the Avon/Mark giveaway as well!!
Don't delay---a few days left!!

Eternal Magic is Avon's newest female scent. It has hints of rose, vanilla, and woods in it!

Don't let her become one

Bridezillas. I never thought I would see one in person. Unfortunately, I have it one step further: I am watching my sister metamorphis into one. Its an ugly sight.
I think there is still hope, I am praying there is still hope.
I love her so much, but its all she talks about and thinks about. Her wedding. Her wedding is in October. Nine months away. Now, call me silly, but some people are pregnant for 9 months, but they might not know it until the second or third month. If it was a lovely accident, thats only 7 or 8 months to plan a life. When the mom and dad to be go to birthing class, they don't learn about just labor...they learn about nutrition, healthy habits during and after the pregnancy, what to expect during labor, how to breast feed, it just goes on and on. Now, in a sense, sister is planning a life...a lifelong marriage. Interestingly enough, she has not talked about being married....only the wedding day. When you have a child, you don't just talk about the birthing day...for all nine months. You talk about feeding, raising, daily ins and outs, everything!!

Yesterday, it was the limo. She needs to give the limo service (she hasn't picked one yet) an itenary of the big day, but she hasn't decided on a time to have the actual wedding service yet! She also expects us to get a ride from someone to the salon to get our hair done, and she wants the limo to pick us up from go back to my house. But, first, we all need to get rides to the salon. Someone has to drop us off to get our hair "did". Its so confusing and doesn't make a lick of sense to me. I am not married, so yep, your right. I don't know.
I do know that a wedding is one day. A marriage is hopefully forever. Focus on the marriage.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beauty Tip of the Week

Dry Skin? Winter got you down? Here are some tips to get back your glowing skin in no time:
  • During winter, our skin loses moisture quickly. Try to reduce your shower time (even if by one makes a difference) and also your water temperature. I love (love) hot showers, but during the winter, I try to go a bit cooler. Not ice cold, but a few degrees cooler. Immediately moisturize your face, body, and rough spots after showering.
  • Want to be amazed? Try spraying or applying skin so soft body and shower oil on your knee caps, legs, elbows, and other rough spots before you hop in the shower. Shower as usual, lather up and rinse off. You will be amazed at how smooth those rough spots are afterwards!! My roughest spot: my kneecaps. Its bad. I spray a bit of the oil on them and hop in, and they are smooth and looking good afterwards!!
  • Rinse hair in cooler water right before jumping out of the tub or shower for shiny and healthy look locks-- 20-30 seconds is plenty of time to lock in the shine!
  • Gnarly feet? Winter is a time when we wear heavier socks and lots of them, so when bed time hits and we are lying next to a loved one, the last thing we want to do is scare them off with feet of steel! Soak feet in warm water and smooth on Footworks Intensive Callus Cream or Conditioning lotion. All Footworks products work great and don't smell medicine-y at all. After a few days, you would swear your feet are ready for flip flops! (they might even gain enough attention for a foot rub, too!)
  • Body scrubs work great if you need them, but don't use them daily. Constant sloughing off the rough spots during winter can cause more dryness and get you in an endless cycle of scrubbing. Scrub weekly, if needed. Use a thicker body lotion or moisturizer after every shower and even before bed, if necessary. I like Intensive Therapy by Avon. It is super strong. If you have sensitive skin, look for a fragrance free product at your local pharmacy or grocery store. Clinique also has a few that are tested, fragrance free, and super lightweight.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Week for my Avon/Mark Giveaway

Each month I raffle off a giveaway grab bag of avon goodies to one lucky person.
Make any purchase from my online Avon Store to qualify to enter. One entry per person, per month.
This month: All customers (online and in person) who make a purchase through me or my site are entered into the giveaway. This months's giveaway features over $30 in Mark items (Avon's boutique sister store). One winner will be drawn on Feb. 1 and posted here on my blog. This winner will receive a variety of Mark products and samples.
Offer good only in USA. One entry per person per month. Free shipping with promo code REPFLYER.
Purchase must be made during January.

Items on sale right now on my Avon online Store:
New! Super Extend Mascara only $3.99 (on front page)
Footworks Green Tea and Mint Exfoliating Scrub $1.49 (in outlet under bathand beauty)
Moisture Therapy Cucumber Body Lotion $2.99 (in outlet under bath and beauty)
Slick Tint for Lips on sale 69 cents! In Makeup section
Ultra Color Rich Lipstick $4.99
Lip Balms 69cents!! In Bath & Body

Friday, January 22, 2010

Its like a pressure cooker

I submitted my blog to the frogpond yesterday on If you haven't been there before, its a fun site. You sign up (its free) and complete a few surveys.
Companies basically send free or low cost items to bzz agents to "buzz" or talk up. I have been a bzz agent for a couple years, and I like it. About 3-4 times a year, I am asked to participate in a campaign. One of my favorite campaigns was for Florida's Natural Orange Juice. Bzz sent me a bunch of $1.00 off coupons to pass out to my friends and free orange juice coupons for me to try and see if I like. I commit to promising to log in to everytime I talk about the product and kinda log in and write what happened, did I pass out a coupon, etc. That's it. I only buy Florida's Natural orange juice now, because I love it, the oranges and fruits come from Florida, and it supports US farmers.
Well, you can submit websites, products, tv shows, anything to I submitted my blog...what you are reading, yesterday. This morning, there were a few reviews about my blog that were less than exciting. I found out I am boring.
So, my goal, if you stick with me, is to be less boring.
I promise.
I will rant about the person that had the nerve to say she didn't have time to read someone's personal blog about nothing. Yeah? Well, how do you have time to just read random sites on No one has a gun to your head, dumbass!!! If you don't have time, don't go to the frogpond---you don't have to! You don't have to go to the frogpond, its completely optional. These are the type of people I can't stand. They are sooo important, and sooo busy, but they have the time to stop and tell you they don't have time for something or that you are less of a person than them.
I'm a nice person who gives away tons of free Avon. Did you know that you horrible person that spent all of 20 seconds on my site?? (yes, I have a stat tracker, and I am somewhat a smart person who can figure out that only one person from Washington viewed my blog and your profile says you are from Washington). Is 20 seconds long enough for a first impression from someone who really doesn't like people who's lives are okay??

Okay, I feel better now.
Don't forget: This month's giveaway is all about Mark. One lucky winner will receive a gift bag full of assorted Mark products and samples, valued over $30. Winner will be announced feb. 1.
To enter, just make a purchase on my online avon store (free shipping code: REPFLYER) during the month of January. One winner per month, limit one entry per person.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its not good for my diet, but...

I'm having a bad day and I need help.
I'm calling out to all of you.
I am eating cookies at the office right now, had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch, but I'm in trouble.
Tonight, AB and I are making pizza for dinner. I got a big ball of mozzarella cheese and the pizza crust in the tube (pillbury maybe?).
I don't know what happened. Maybe its from stress. Maybe its from overworking. Regardless, I am junking out today!!
The pizza could be okay if I keep it veggie and not too much cheese. Did I say its fresh mozz?? The kind in the ball, soaked in brine, oohhey gooey goodness....yum!
Wish me luck, I need to stop snacking today!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Break from cleaning

I'm just taking a small break from cleaning and de-cluttering my home this weekend. I also am making items for my etsy shop, which makes it hard to de-clutter.

This week, I will have face or dishcloths on my etsy store, which makes me really happy. They are all cotton, made in the usa, and a good size for either your face or the dishes. I like using them for my face, but sponges collect so much dirt, grime, and bacteria. Dishcloths may be old fashioned, but you can wash and bleach them.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, beauty busters-- I snapped at my sister today. I don't know why. Oh, wait! Yes I do: Because I need food!!!! That's why!!
Resolution: Lose Weight.
This one sucks. I have been trying to eat more fruits, veggies, whole grains, less fat, etc, but today I feel like my body is going through junk food detox. I'm frantically looking around the office for something...anything...snickers, chocolate, french fries (not really, but you get the idea.) Its tough. I know I can do it, but its hard.
Last night, I went with a sister ice skating. It was my first time, and I had a lot of fun, but I was too tense. My body hurt from being all tensed up. Around 8:30, I started getting hungry. I hadn't ate yet because I had a late lunch, so I took a walk to Wendy's and got a small chili and walked back home. I know its not the best thing for me, but in terms of fast food, I thought chili was a good choice. If I tried to make something, I would have been still hungry and waiting at 9pm. Wendy's chili does have red meat, but it also has beans and veggies (I've seen them in there!), so I felt okay with that.
AB is making dinner tonight, so I can't wait to see and taste what he prepares. He is a really good cook, and he enjoys you know there is a lotta love in it. I haven't seen him for a few days and I miss him. I might even bring some yarn to crochet with tonight, too. Before dinner, though, is Avon catalog delivery. I need to hit a few stores and chinese restaurants and drop off some books so I don't have to wake up so early on Saturday.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Skin? The solution for you

I am a user of Anew. I love the Rejuvenate cleanser and moisturizer. But, on Sunday, I ran out of my cleanser. There were no others in my reserve supply (every good avon gal keeps a supply of extra products for her clients last minute needs!). Well, I did have a tube of Winter Solutions Fabuously Clean face cleanser. I had no other choice.

Guess What? Its great!! This cleanser (item 615-449) is very creamy, does not foam up as much as other cleansers, but makes me feel squeaky clean. Honestly, I don't care for the smell, but its only face soap. It isn't fruity or chemically smelling. It just smells like soap.

In the past few days, I have not noticed any differences in my skin. I still do follow with my moisturizer. (its super important to moisturize!!)

This item is on sale 3 for $10 (reg. price $6). Other Solutions products are also on sale for this price, you can mix or match!!

Other items on sale at my online Avon Store right now(found hunting through the outlet section):
  • Glazewear Lip Colors $1.79
  • Tahitian Holiday all over bronzer $1.50
  • Daring Curves Mascara $1.99
  • Anew Clinical Spider Vein Therapy $9.99
  • Skin So Soft Foaming Oil Body Wash $1.49
  • Wish of Love Eau de Toillette Spray $5.99

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What? Snow in January? How silly.

I know what you're could you get snow in January? Christmas and the New Year are over, shouldn't it start getting warmer? Wrong. Ha ha, that's just how people in my area are acting today. Shocked they woke up to an inch or two of the fluffy white stuff. Breaking News: That's what happens during winter in snows!!
I wish I had a picture, but I was up at 7 am, shoveling my walk, because thats what you do when it snows. Shovel and clean. No big deal, yet everyone here is acting that way.

My hands are really dry and rough today, but no fear. I used Vita Moist hand lotion and felt better seconds later. AB loves the Intensive Moisture Therapy, and even keeps some on the counter in his clubhouse (the garage). Really works well with dry hands and is super cheap!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to the King!

AB and I had planned to go to Graceland last summer, but it never happened. We were both busy, and well...maybe this spring! Anyway, happy birthday to the King of Pop--someone who really made a impact on Rock & Roll.

Today is my Avon Delivery day. I think I am at the end of my driver's route...sometimes he shows up at 1, sometimes, its pushing 4:30. This was a small order, maybe the smallest in 6 months! That's okay, there are so many new products Avon has coming out in the next 3 catalogs that I don't mind. Plus, people are done with shopping right now...I have cringed thinking of going out---I have so much from Christmas, I don't need anything. I don't want to buy any clothes until I start loosing weight, too!!

Stay warm and bundled everyone!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moisture Therapy Hand Cream Sale!

Coming in Campain 5 (starting Friday) are two great deals!
Moisture Therapy Full Sized Hand Creams only 99 cents with a bath and body purchase! I love Moisture Therapy Intensive Treatment, it is super thick and works great on all problem areas--hands, feet, ankles, elbows, and dry spots.
Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick---its new, has a different look and also packed with high prism brilliant color. SPF 15. With Chromapixel technology--boosts color by relecting light and enhancing shine. 10 great shades only $4.99 intro special.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thinking ANEW

Anew Ultimate Sample Kit, reg. $38, only $19 with a $10 purchase!!

I love Anew. I use the rejuvenate (for those of us with the begining signs of aging...ahem, the 30 somethings). The Anew System is on sale for only $19 with a $10 purchase. Choose which Anew is best for you, or email me and I will help guide you to the right products. This kit is composed of "Try-It" sizes. The try it moisturizers actually last me about 2 weeks. You also get a full sized eye product. The Anew Ultimate Contouring Eye System is actually $32 reg price, so its a steal to get this kit just for the eye cream.
Anew is simple. You pick which system is right for you (rejuvenate[30s], reversalist[40s], or ultimate[over 50]). Since I use the rejuvenate system, I use the Rejuvenate cleanser and moisturizers, and then I can use any treatment I like. Anew has a CLINICAL line of products meant to target specific problem areas. You can use these treatment products once or twice a week, in addition to your daily routine. I always follow the directions, as everyone's skin and sensitivity are different.
Both my mother and a client of mine love the Ultimate system. They both use the gold emulsion moisturizer on their faces at night. Its super silky and slick, meant for women with very dry skin. Both women noticed a difference after only about 3 days!! They love how it feels and how they feel. Another client of mine tries different Anew Products...she get some clinical, some reversalist, and some Ultimate. There is nothing wrong with that, they all target different areas and problems.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The begining of a journey...

starts with one step. Happy Monday!
Its been a rough start to my resolutions, how about you?
Today, I did send out 11 letters to expired listings in my town. I estimated that I need to make at least 10 contacts each weekday to get the sales I want. I will revisit this in February to see how many call backs/listings/buyers I get.
AB gave me a couple of kiwis the other day, so I have one today for a healthy snack, I'll probably eat that when I'm done with this.
I am refusing to watch the Bachelor this season, so I will be spending my evening with my balance ball -- anything will be better than that show--I am fed up with it!! It doesn't seem real and makes single women look cold, catty, and vicious.
Okay. That's about it. I'm working, taking a break, wondering when will it get warmer?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 resolutions and the B-Tolls

Good Morning all my friends:
I had a sad start to the day, weighing myself to find I weigh too much for my short frame! It was an eye-opener, I must say. 170!! Yikes! I remember when I weighed 130 and thought I could lose a few. Well, that's it: Its time for my official resolutions list:
  • Get down to a healthy 135 pounds (lose 35 lbs!)
  • Have the best year in Real Estate yet. (I resolve to have over 1.5 million in sales)
  • Achieve President's Club in Avon (over $10,100 in sales in one year)
  • Get over 100 followers on my blog (I know it can be done)
  • Refurbish my blog and websites to a sleeker look
  • Finish my book (almost done-it is a short story compliation book)
  • Enter at least 10 items in the Lake County Indiana Fair this summer
  • Spend more time with AB
  • Be a better sister
  • Throw Tracy an amazing bachellorette party
  • Be completely debt free
  • No longer renting
  • buy a new car
  • Be in a play
  • Start a local Women's Networking Club
  • Start offering First Time Homebuyers and Inital Investors Seminars at work
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Get a Pet that I love
  • Give more to the Humane Society
  • Eat Healthier
  • Run a Mini Marathon this fall!!
  • Be More Organized
  • Play Guitar out in front of an audience

I think that sums it up! Wow, I will need to remember this list and keep checking back to post status updates, right??

I am a huge beatles fan. So much so, that I have a permanent reminder of them on my toe. Yes, I have a green apple tattooed on my toe. The beatles are part of my daily life. If you like or love the beatles and don't live in the Chicago land area, you must go to 93.1 fm (wxrt)'s website (

Every Sunday, Teri Hemmert plays 2 hours of beatles and beatle related music (8-10 am central). You can stream it live on your computer so you can listen anywhere-- and its amazing. One of my favorite radio programs by far!! Teri has a soothing voice that invokes fun filled feelings as she shares her knowledge and memories of the fab five, and Professor Mop Top tells us tons of quirky recording facts that I haven't found elsewhere. Its really neat and a special reason to wake up early on sleep in Sundays.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Avon Monthly Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Trisha from New York! You have won this month's giveaway!! Trisha placed an order online at my Avon Store in December. Her prize consists of:
  • Mix and Match Patriotic Earrings (item 219-437 ) $5.99
  • Vita Moist Body Lotion, 13.5 fl oz (item 320-784) reg. $5.29 on sale $3.49
  • Vita Moist Hand Cream Mini, reg. $0.99 seasonal
  • Glazewear Lip Gloss in Brown Sugar (item 441-138) $6.00
  • Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Hair minimizing Deodorant (item 013-409) $1.25
  • Planet Spa African Shea Butter Brown Sugar Body Scrub (item 992-992) reg. $6.50, on sale $4.99
  • Naturals Coconut & Lemongrass Body Spray (not currently for sale, seasonal scent) reg. $9
  • Sweet Honesty Everlasting Eau de Toillette Spray, 1.7 fl oz (item 045-824) $12.00
  • Avon Lipbalm, seasonal flavor, $0.99
  • Skin So Soft Signature Silk Mini Body Wash $0.99
  • Skin So Soft Signature Silk Mini Body Lotion $0.99
  • Moisture Therapy Intensive Lip Treatment (item 310-878) reg. $2, on sale $1.49
  • Avon Nail Enamel Remover Wipes
  • tons of samples
  • Avon 2010 calendar

This prize is worth $48.17 (using sale prices)!!

Next Month's giveaway will feature Avon's Mark. line and will be worth at least $35. To qualify for this yummy grab bag, simply place an order with me or my online Avon Storefront ( during the month of January. Winner will be announced here on my blog Feb. 1. Winners first name and state will be used. Limit one entry per person per month. If winner is not local, prize will be mailed using USPS. Winner is chosen by random. Offer valid in USA only.