Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 resolutions and the B-Tolls

Good Morning all my friends:
I had a sad start to the day, weighing myself to find I weigh too much for my short frame! It was an eye-opener, I must say. 170!! Yikes! I remember when I weighed 130 and thought I could lose a few. Well, that's it: Its time for my official resolutions list:
  • Get down to a healthy 135 pounds (lose 35 lbs!)
  • Have the best year in Real Estate yet. (I resolve to have over 1.5 million in sales)
  • Achieve President's Club in Avon (over $10,100 in sales in one year)
  • Get over 100 followers on my blog (I know it can be done)
  • Refurbish my blog and websites to a sleeker look
  • Finish my book (almost done-it is a short story compliation book)
  • Enter at least 10 items in the Lake County Indiana Fair this summer
  • Spend more time with AB
  • Be a better sister
  • Throw Tracy an amazing bachellorette party
  • Be completely debt free
  • No longer renting
  • buy a new car
  • Be in a play
  • Start a local Women's Networking Club
  • Start offering First Time Homebuyers and Inital Investors Seminars at work
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Get a Pet that I love
  • Give more to the Humane Society
  • Eat Healthier
  • Run a Mini Marathon this fall!!
  • Be More Organized
  • Play Guitar out in front of an audience

I think that sums it up! Wow, I will need to remember this list and keep checking back to post status updates, right??

I am a huge beatles fan. So much so, that I have a permanent reminder of them on my toe. Yes, I have a green apple tattooed on my toe. The beatles are part of my daily life. If you like or love the beatles and don't live in the Chicago land area, you must go to 93.1 fm (wxrt)'s website (

Every Sunday, Teri Hemmert plays 2 hours of beatles and beatle related music (8-10 am central). You can stream it live on your computer so you can listen anywhere-- and its amazing. One of my favorite radio programs by far!! Teri has a soothing voice that invokes fun filled feelings as she shares her knowledge and memories of the fab five, and Professor Mop Top tells us tons of quirky recording facts that I haven't found elsewhere. Its really neat and a special reason to wake up early on sleep in Sundays.

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