Monday, January 4, 2010

The begining of a journey...

starts with one step. Happy Monday!
Its been a rough start to my resolutions, how about you?
Today, I did send out 11 letters to expired listings in my town. I estimated that I need to make at least 10 contacts each weekday to get the sales I want. I will revisit this in February to see how many call backs/listings/buyers I get.
AB gave me a couple of kiwis the other day, so I have one today for a healthy snack, I'll probably eat that when I'm done with this.
I am refusing to watch the Bachelor this season, so I will be spending my evening with my balance ball -- anything will be better than that show--I am fed up with it!! It doesn't seem real and makes single women look cold, catty, and vicious.
Okay. That's about it. I'm working, taking a break, wondering when will it get warmer?

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