Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thinking ANEW

Anew Ultimate Sample Kit, reg. $38, only $19 with a $10 purchase!!

I love Anew. I use the rejuvenate (for those of us with the begining signs of aging...ahem, the 30 somethings). The Anew System is on sale for only $19 with a $10 purchase. Choose which Anew is best for you, or email me and I will help guide you to the right products. This kit is composed of "Try-It" sizes. The try it moisturizers actually last me about 2 weeks. You also get a full sized eye product. The Anew Ultimate Contouring Eye System is actually $32 reg price, so its a steal to get this kit just for the eye cream.
Anew is simple. You pick which system is right for you (rejuvenate[30s], reversalist[40s], or ultimate[over 50]). Since I use the rejuvenate system, I use the Rejuvenate cleanser and moisturizers, and then I can use any treatment I like. Anew has a CLINICAL line of products meant to target specific problem areas. You can use these treatment products once or twice a week, in addition to your daily routine. I always follow the directions, as everyone's skin and sensitivity are different.
Both my mother and a client of mine love the Ultimate system. They both use the gold emulsion moisturizer on their faces at night. Its super silky and slick, meant for women with very dry skin. Both women noticed a difference after only about 3 days!! They love how it feels and how they feel. Another client of mine tries different Anew Products...she get some clinical, some reversalist, and some Ultimate. There is nothing wrong with that, they all target different areas and problems.

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