Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't let her become one

Bridezillas. I never thought I would see one in person. Unfortunately, I have it one step further: I am watching my sister metamorphis into one. Its an ugly sight.
I think there is still hope, I am praying there is still hope.
I love her so much, but its all she talks about and thinks about. Her wedding. Her wedding is in October. Nine months away. Now, call me silly, but some people are pregnant for 9 months, but they might not know it until the second or third month. If it was a lovely accident, thats only 7 or 8 months to plan a life. When the mom and dad to be go to birthing class, they don't learn about just labor...they learn about nutrition, healthy habits during and after the pregnancy, what to expect during labor, how to breast feed, it just goes on and on. Now, in a sense, sister is planning a life...a lifelong marriage. Interestingly enough, she has not talked about being married....only the wedding day. When you have a child, you don't just talk about the birthing day...for all nine months. You talk about feeding, raising, daily ins and outs, everything!!

Yesterday, it was the limo. She needs to give the limo service (she hasn't picked one yet) an itenary of the big day, but she hasn't decided on a time to have the actual wedding service yet! She also expects us to get a ride from someone to the salon to get our hair done, and she wants the limo to pick us up from go back to my house. But, first, we all need to get rides to the salon. Someone has to drop us off to get our hair "did". Its so confusing and doesn't make a lick of sense to me. I am not married, so yep, your right. I don't know.
I do know that a wedding is one day. A marriage is hopefully forever. Focus on the marriage.


ShellSpann said...

My sister got married this past July...she was a bit of a bridezilla too. BUT - I will say this. While she drove me CRAZY the whole time - on her big day - I forgot all about how much I wanted to slap her sometimes and saw how beautiful she was (and the ceremony of course) and reminded myself that I've never planned a wedding - so I really don't know how stressful it was. Best thing you can do is just listen to her whine and cry and stress - be there for her and BREATHE! :) Remember, once the wedding is over - bridezilla turns back into your sister :)

Lisa said...

You are right ShellSpann! I keep telling myself that it will all be over and she will be a regular person again, its just hard and I have to vent about it!!
I have never been married, so I don't know the stress of trying to plan my big day either. I wonder if there is a bridezilla support group somewhere...with weekly meetings for the sisters and gals that stand up in the weddings?!?!