Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beauty Tip of the Week

Dry Skin? Winter got you down? Here are some tips to get back your glowing skin in no time:
  • During winter, our skin loses moisture quickly. Try to reduce your shower time (even if by one minute...it makes a difference) and also your water temperature. I love (love) hot showers, but during the winter, I try to go a bit cooler. Not ice cold, but a few degrees cooler. Immediately moisturize your face, body, and rough spots after showering.
  • Want to be amazed? Try spraying or applying skin so soft body and shower oil on your knee caps, legs, elbows, and other rough spots before you hop in the shower. Shower as usual, lather up and rinse off. You will be amazed at how smooth those rough spots are afterwards!! My roughest spot: my kneecaps. Its bad. I spray a bit of the oil on them and hop in, and they are smooth and looking good afterwards!!
  • Rinse hair in cooler water right before jumping out of the tub or shower for shiny and healthy look locks-- 20-30 seconds is plenty of time to lock in the shine!
  • Gnarly feet? Winter is a time when we wear heavier socks and lots of them, so when bed time hits and we are lying next to a loved one, the last thing we want to do is scare them off with feet of steel! Soak feet in warm water and smooth on Footworks Intensive Callus Cream or Conditioning lotion. All Footworks products work great and don't smell medicine-y at all. After a few days, you would swear your feet are ready for flip flops! (they might even gain enough attention for a foot rub, too!)
  • Body scrubs work great if you need them, but don't use them daily. Constant sloughing off the rough spots during winter can cause more dryness and get you in an endless cycle of scrubbing. Scrub weekly, if needed. Use a thicker body lotion or moisturizer after every shower and even before bed, if necessary. I like Intensive Therapy by Avon. It is super strong. If you have sensitive skin, look for a fragrance free product at your local pharmacy or grocery store. Clinique also has a few that are tested, fragrance free, and super lightweight.

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