Monday, August 17, 2009

Mark Juice Gems and the no-alcohol Hangover!

These are mark's Juice Gems. They are fruity lip glosses that give a sheer hint of color, some flavor, and I love them. They each contain real fruit extract, so they have a slight hint of natural flavor. I have tried the honeydew and the snow peach. At only $6, these tubes are a good size and will last all season long!

Now, for the No Alcohol Hangover!: This morning, I woke up feeling like I drank too many margaritas and white russians (A horrible combination...NEVER drink these together!!).
My weekend was full of fun. I stayed at AB's (amazing boyfriend) on Friday night, and left early Saturday for the Farmer's Market. After snagging two gorgeous heirloom tomatoes in funky colors, a bunch of lovely exotic looking flowers for only $3.50 (my steal of the day!) and two freshly made chocolate chip muffins, I came home and started cleaning. I played online (when I surf the net, I refer to it as "playing" because time seems to just fly by) and then tried my hand at making chili rellajnos(sp?) I failed miserably.
Sunday, I did laundry, went grocery shopping (lots and lots of frozen pizzas, cheese, trail mix, and mac n cheese), and headed to Chicago to visit my good girlfriend, Fawn. We went to a play, ate some greasy pizza sold by the slice, and walked all over in the very humid hot weather. As a note, the Air and Water show just happened to be going on, which clogged the streets, sidewalks, and parks with tourists who didn't know where they were or where to go. I got AB some great spices from an amazing spice store for a gift, and then headed home to visit AB and eat (yet more) pizza and watch Iron Chef.
I forgot to drink water during my Sunday of running around, and woke up today feeling drained, full of blisters on my feet that resemble chickenpox, and I'm so crabby the entire office has left me here alone to answer the phones.
I need a nap. And, some footworks....ah...the next post (why didn't I grab my footworks cream??)
Have a beautiful day... Lisa


Lelia said...

Hi Lisa: So how did you do at the fair??? Any ribbons???

I'm going tomorrow to pick up my entries -- I had stuff upstairs in collections (collectibles?) and stuff downstairs in sewing, handicrafts & needlework

Lisa said...

Hi Lelia-- I left you a note on your blog--- I will take pics sometime tomorrow of my pretty ribbons and post them!! i am completely hooked on entering at the fair!!! sooo much fun!!