Friday, November 27, 2009

Auto Emails and what it means to be an Independent Contractor

I sell Avon. I am an Independent Sales Rep, which means I am not an employee of Avon. I spend my own money, just like it was my own business...because it is my business, and I work very hard at it.

Today, a mass email was sent out to my customers advertising a black friday/cyber monday sale. Someone sent an email back very upset, telling me they don't like these *&$% products, and stop sending them these emails.

Funny, I thought. This person is on my customer list because they wanted a
free sample of In Bloom. They emailed me and gave me their personal
information---on their own---to get this free sample. Now, they are
mad. Besides, it clearly states on the bottom of the email that you can
unsubscribe at any time by clicking at the correct spot. I don't feel I
should do this for you. You asked me to mail you (yep, my own stamp cost
42 cents. The envelope costs 2 cents. The paper I printed my thank
you on (including the cost of ink) cost 1 cent. The sample cost me 10
cents. That is already 55 cents I invested in the possibility that you
might buy that (or another) Avon product. Now, I had over 300 guess what I spent (not including time) when I ran that free
sample promotion??? Avon did not pay for anything....because I am an Independent Contractor...just like every other Avon Lady. So, to those that are upset at me----get a life. I spent 55 cents on you plus my time. You got a free sample that you should not have asked for if you had no intention other than to get something free for the sake of getting something for nothing.

I love selling Avon. Some people don't like Avon, and that's fine. I don't like L'Oreal. I don't like Estee Lauder. I like Clinique. I like Maybelline. I don't like Cover Girl. Everyone has their own preferences and everyone is entitled to that.

However, if you need to be rude and obscene to someone, you are not making your point. You are looking like nothing but an Ass.

It does not hurt my feelings to unsubscribe from my emails. They are sent automatically. I, myself, get tons of emails everyday (I average over 200 in the inbox, not including spam, daily). Most are ads from places I subscribed. When I no longer want them, I check 'unsubscribe'. No harm done.

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