Monday, November 2, 2009

Back Home Again

AB (amazing boyfriend) and I had a great time in Las Vegas. It was a good trip. We didn’t win big or anything like that, but we did eat at some great places.
I did learn a little:
Always bring your Avon 99cent lip balm with you! AB refused to use my strawberry Avon lip balm (for fear his lips might look pink and glossy) and ended up paying $4.30 for a Chapstick in the hotel giftshop.
Anew Reversalist PM moisturizer is a skin saver! I brought mine, and we both moistured up before bed each night. By morning, our skin felt refreshed and didn’t look haggered, hung-over, or tired!! It might be for the 40+ crowd, but it is amazing and worth it for any age when you are out late for a few nights in a row!!
A small wristlet is the way to go if you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff with you. I made one with a remnant of fabric from JoAnn’s, a $2 zipper, and 50 cents worth of interfacing. It cost less than $5 to make and I got a few compliments!
Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts are amazing and a must for Vegas! Trust me, if you are going to do a lot of walking…try these. I bought one pair of Gel Insoles and trimmed them a bit smaller than my shoe size. Even in my comfy loafers, I noticed a difference.
When you are drunk and its only 1 pm, drink some water and have a yogurt cup. Bally’s had a huge yogurt parfait with granola, vanilla yogurt, and layers of mixed berries for $4.99. It was expensive for yogurt, but well worth it. We shared the parfait and took a small cat nap before going back out for the evening. I truly believe that one snack saved me from being sick!
The slot machines like smaller bills. I won more when I put in a five or a ten. Twenties always lost.
Bally’s and Paris are my faves. I love them. I feel at home there. They are our home away from home.
New York was also fun.
The Mirage doesn’t have a cocktail waitress in sight during the day.
Good Cabbies always tell great stories.
Always split 8s.

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