Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome all of my Etsy Friends

Learning Beauty isn't just learning about makeup...or Avon, for that matter. Its my daily quest to better myself.
Real Estate has been tough this year. Even though I don't talk about it much, I enjoy it and I am happy its my full time career. I do hope, one day, to open a bakery when I retire. Sounds funny, but its my dream.
Along the way, I have picked up being an Avon Lady. I have also decided to sell my fabulous creations on Etsy (
I think buying handmade and local are important in keeping your area thriving. Yep, sure we can go online to amazon or walmart and get tons of things shipped right to our door. When you use a local Rep for a world-wide company or an artist who crafts something unique and special for you, you are helping the local and American economy where it matters most---it will directly affect that one rep or artist. Sure, buying from Walmart and Amazon can save money, might be less hassle, and still helps Americans...I am not denying that. I just think it makes a greater difference locally. I also love farmers markets. I would rather go to my city's farmers' market on Saturday mornings and pay a bit more for something that was grown local (even though the grocery store might be cheaper and even closer to me in distance).

So, what I have found on Etsy is that people work hard to make items I can't find at Walmart or Target. And, I like that! I like being able to sell my crochet and hand knit items there. Maybe someone will buy one! Maybe not.
Avon: I have heard many stories from other reps on how Avon helped them through times of financial trouble. As a worldwide company, I LOVE that you have given so many people opportunities. I work a bit on my Avon business each day. I love it. I love the discount that I get. I love the smiles on peoples faces when I bring them their products. I love how I have met people and made friends. Both these companies have helped me to grow and even helped me in my full time career.

That's what I am thankful for this holiday season. Sure, I do want tons of sales, but I am proud to be a member of these companies---and I think that has helped me grow inside and out.

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