Thursday, February 25, 2010


This morning, I came to work ready to face the day. I usually check my emails before I leave for work, but each morning I do, I am upset before the day starts. I hope for a sale in my etsy shop, an online order in my avon online store, an email with a new order, or some fun note from a sibling or parent. Usually-- its more like this: notes of things to do from bossman, bills now available for review and payment, spam, spam, sales at sears and jcpenneys (when I have no fun money to spend), and invites for broker open houses on days I am already working in the office.
I said today, "Don't get mad before the day begins. I'll check my mail when I get to work." My main problem is that my work emails get forwarded to my personal email I can check them when ever...where ever.
Guess what! My all pinks beaded hair barrette sold this morning on Etsy. I had a sale on my Avon online store. Its a wonderful day. I'm battling taxes and I am working for bossman, but I am happy!!
look at the item I sold:
Tonight, I get to see AB. He worked a super long day yesterday, so we didn't get a chance to see each other. I know he will be happy about my sales, both on Avon and Etsy. Right now, I need to get working on a bpo for bossman and then do some more tax prep for myself. I am going to keep a nice excel sheet this year for next year. Going through bill by bill and receipt by receipt is awful!! Its sooo time consuming and not worth it. I'm scared I will have to break down and get an accountant to help me. I've never done taxes for Avon before...the other schedule Cs I have down pat, but this one will be a bit different, because there is inventory, give aways, etc.

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Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Whoo Hooo!! Yay for sales!! I was just thinking of you today! Thanks for coming by and the advice on POM. I think it was just too tough on my wee one's empty stomach but I really like the juice so far!