Friday, November 19, 2010

Adult Acne

This is a tough one.  I suffer from Adult Acne.  It comes and goes, but this morning I woke up with a blemish on my nose.  Its a bit embarrassing, but life happens.
Here are a few tips I have found to help when I do get a break out:

  • Washing your face too often and with water thats too hot can cause excessive dryness.  I know this is what you want, a dry face, but when you dry it out too much, your skin works harder to produce oil.  You will actually end up with oiler or greasy skin later in the day.  
  • Always use make-up remover before you wash your face.  I also clean my brushes about once a week with a mild face wash.
  • Dirty Phones!!  Clean your cell phone and any other phones with a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or a paper towel every few days.
  • Don't touch your face.  This is the worst for me.  Every time you use your computer, play with the remote, etc., and then touch your face, you are spreading germs and bacteria.  They love to cause skin problems.
Some of my skin care favorites:
  • Clinique 3 step system.  No, its not cheap, but if you suffer from severe acne (like I did a few years ago), its worth a try.  Be diligent with it, use it every morning and night.  Don't forget one step, either.
  • Mark Calming Effect Cleanser.  I love this, especially in the summer. Its very gentle.  
  • Anew Rejuvenate and Reversalist Moisturizers.  These R-O-C-K!  They make them in day and night formulas, the day version has an SPF in them.  They are great and feel like a special treat each time I put them on.  
  • Honorable mentions:  Anew Rejuvenate Cleanser: The moisturizer is a MUST, but the cleanser can be a little harsh for my skin.  I use it, but I limit it to once a day.  Aveeno:  I like this any time, its mild and doesn't dry me out like other store brands.

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