Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Its almost 5 o'clock, and that means quittin' time! Before I leave for work, I just want to say that I watched More to Love on FOX last night with my boyfriend. I didn't like this show. I am happy that normal people are portrayed on reality television, but just barely. Every woman on the show was over 175 lbs. Some were pushing 275-300. Is this the normal sized woman? No. Is this healthy? No.
I didn't like this show for numerous reasons, but mainly because these women (all beautiful) were not happy with their current situations on the love front. And for this, I was sad for them.

This man is initially attracted to you for your body...not your personality, not your smile, not your eyes, not your brain, but instead because you are overweight. Do you want someone like that, really? I don't.

I'll tell you why. I want (and think I am lucky enough to have) someone who cares for me enough to worry about my health. I want someone who was intially attracted to me for my smile or that I made them laugh, or that they thought I was intelligent. I want a man to be physically attracted to me, but I want him to want me to be healthy. And, I also think the relationship is better if its not BASED on physical....but emotional or mental attraction. There is a big difference there!!

Please don't take this the wrong way. I think it takes a lot of guts for all these women, and even this guy to be on this show. I think they are all beautiful, but I feel sorry for them, because I think FOX is using them for ratings and for the public to make fun of them. I am worried that these gals who have never been on a date will be humiliated and/or depressed if they are sent home.
I don't think they deserve to be made fun of by the general public. What do you want to bet that this show will be featured on the Soup on Friday?? I am sure there will be many jokes, and I don't want to see anyone hurt.

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