Thursday, July 30, 2009

Haiku -- A perfect Summer Scent!

Good Morning!

This is Haiku Skin Softener. At $1.99 on sale, its a great deal! This scent is one of my most popular scents I sell for Avon, and I found out why. For the summer, its light, it smells crisp and clean, not too overpowering, and I love it!!

This jar is the skin softener. Its a light lotion you can apply anywhere on your body. I put some on my arms, wrists, (not hands...its not hand cream) and my upper chest. I don't use a lot, just a dab, which goes a long way.

Avon describes this scent as Oriental Floral. They describe it as a japenese garden. I just love it! I think it smells light and crisp. It is also available in shower gel, body lotion, cologne sprays, and body powder.

If you would like to try this scent, email me with your name and address, and i will happily send you a sample. Otherwise, at $1.99 for the body powder or skin softener, its a great deal.

Shop for it online at and enter REPFLYER promo code for free shipping on me!

Have a lovely day, stay cool, dry, and don't forget to smile!!


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