Thursday, September 10, 2009

Its been a week since I went to get my bloodwork done, yet the bruise still remains. Its almost gone, definitely not as bad as it was during the weekend. Next week, I will have some more ultrasound and an x-ray of my upper digestive system. Let's hope they find what is causing my stomach to be so indecisive lately.
This morning I was just looking at the bruise, noticing how it morphs and changes as it heals. Noticing the gal who took my blood treated me like I was a toy being produced in a factory, just a number...flip me over for quality control and send me on my way. She wasn't gentle or kind. Just grabbed my arm and did her job.
Its going to be a long day at work, and I still need to take my shower, deliver some more catalogs and hit the bank and Target. And, I don't feel like moving an inch. I stayed up late, watching tv, and eating cereal for dinner. oooohhh I have to get going!
I will post something more pleasant later in the day....

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