Monday, October 5, 2009

22 days til vacay!

Let the countdown begin! AB (Amazing Boyfriend) suprised me this weekend with my somewhat expected birthday present...a fun filled trip to Las Vegas the last week of October!!
I am soo excited!! I did know that he was planning it, as he asked if I could get time off work and we both wanted to go, but now it is reality. And now, I need to fit into my fancy pants in like three weeks!!
What are my fancy pants? Well, they aren't Avon, but they are Hanes. My first Christmas with AB, he got me like 7 pairs of sweatpants and one black velour tracksuit. First off, I love sweatpants. In the winter, I get home from work and put on my sweat pants. Love them! They are so comfy and warm. But, the black velour tracksuit has become my 'Fancy Vegas Suit.' I have worn them to vegas each trip, complete with mega large ol' lady sunglasses and stark white tennies. Last year, the 'fancy pants' were a bit tight, and I busted out the bottom! So, I have this hand-sewn seem in the butt of the pants, and they are still too tight. AB said I have to fit in the fancy makes the trip so much fun.
Now, I could go out and buy a new pair of pants, but its not the same. I need to fit into the originals. I can do it. I can do it. I need to do it.
I am on day 2 of my special k diet and already cheating. Not good.
I will, go for a walk after work. Hopefully, that will help. I also need to do my balance ball workout. Someone remind me to get my butt in gear!!!

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