Thursday, October 8, 2009

Being Cool and Looking Cool- Two different things!

I thought about this long and hard the past few days, when I should be working. Looking cool and being cool are completely different.
I walked into a real estate office the other day, and everyone was spotless. Dressed to the nines, perfect hair and makeup, and I felt out of sorts. Out of place, because I was in jeans, hair tied back, raindrops on my was one of those moments. You know, the moment you feel like you are in the first five minutes of some chick flick, but you don't feel like no pretty woman!
Last night, I started packing for my trip to vegas. yes, its in three weeks, but c'mon! I'm excited, and some things (like my sunglasses, my vitamins in their old lady travel container and extra socks) can be packed now. It gives me hope. Hope that the 27th will soon come and I will be on vacation...that mysterious place, full of bright lights and slot machines and many places to eat...24 hours a day!!
Back to my story, I realized I'm not cool, and I don't dress cool. I am me. I like my $7 walmart tshirts and my sweat pants at night. I like going to the store in whatever I want...those days of being 4 are here again, when I don't care what people think if I wear a lime green tshirt with a blue sweater and my favorite jeans with worn spots in the knees and dried paint splashes on one leg. I don't care. I don't brush my hair sometimes, and guess what? I think people don't care. Now, I take care of myself and I clean up nicely, but sometimes I want to wear my snoopy tshirt and sometimes I grab an off color non matching long sleeve shirt to wear over it.
It dawned on me that some people try to dress like this...and it shows they are trying. Is this a trend I am unaware of? Guys in messy, non matching clothes with perfectly messy Axe hair and bracelets...guys!! I must be wearing what's in, but I don't care and I am not trying....which makes me cool.
I'm finally cool.
Of course, I knew I was always cool.


ShellSpann said...

I have to admit, I feel like that on occasion. I hate feeling like "THAT" girl that looks like a hot mess and everyone else around you is styled perfectly. But ultimately I remember that I'm comfortable and my feet won't hurt at the end of the day. :)

Anonymous said...

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