Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bad Weather=perfect opportunity to clean!

I woke up this morning with all intentions to go shopping super early. Penneys was opening at 6 am (gasp!) and walmart never closes, so I planned on waking up around 6 and getting out the door around 6:30.
Still dark, the sky glistened with little bits of glitter...big monster snow flakes, to be exact! That delayed me until around 7:30--but I did it-- got to JCPenney's and Walmart, got some gas, and went to the grocery store (and even dropped off Avon Catalogs at Jewel and Bronkos) and made it home by 10:30 am.
So, I spent this morning making cookies, doing dishes and making some cabbage soup. Now, I am ready for a nap but its only 2 pm. I figure I will head to AB's house around 6:30/7 for pizza and a movie (it is date night). But, from now until then, this is the perfect opportunity to do some well needed cleaning. My home looks like Avon, the yarn fairy, and santa claus threw up all over it!

I am excited to announce that I have a handful of goodies to put on Etsy monday morning. I made a basic beret in sunshine, some dishcloths, the hair scrunchies I still haven't put up there, a large potholder/trivet in sage green, and maybe one more hat if I have time.

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