Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

My gram Honey once told me that moisturizer was very important to your skin. I was about 12 and thought the woman was crazy. Years later, in my 20s, I suffered from acne and an oily T-zone. I worked briefly for Clinique one winter. The beauty advisors there told me I should be using moisturizer. Are you crazy? I thought-- my skin is soo oily!! But, I tried it, and loved the results! Within 2 weeks, my skin changed dramatically and I noticed my breakouts to a serious minimum (like 1 compared to 4 at a time!!)
With winter weather, our skin dries out pretty quick. Even if you have an oily T-zone or you think your skin is extra oily or dry, you should still use moisturizer. My skin has been overly dry this past week, which gets annoying quickly! Make sure to drink plenty of water in winter months when the weather is cold. Its very easy to drink hot cocoa, tea, or coffee, but don't forget your water and juices!! Staying hydrated helps. I also take a multivitamin during the winter, when I tend to eat more breads and pastas and less fresh vegetables and fruits.
What is the best kind of moisturizer for you? Avon offers many types of skin care products, in various price ranges. If you are young (under 25) you might want to try the solutions and clearskin brands. Clearskin professional is Avon's comparable product to ProActive. My sister and brother use them and love them. I, in my early 30s, like the Anew Rejuvenate brand. I have a sister who is 31 and uses the Liiv Botanical line of skin care. She uses the night moisturizer both during the day and in the evening. The day version has an spf, but since she mostly works indoors in the winter, she can use the same one and save a bit of money.
Avon Solutions and Avon Basics both offer a less price alternative to a basic moisturizer. These are great if you don't feel like you are ready to target problem areas yet (like aging skin, acne prone skin, or extra dry/oily skin).

I have noticed that I get more breakouts when I don't moisturize. Its one easy step to feeling both vibrant and relaxed each day.
This week's Avon SkinCare deals:
Clearskin Professional (one week) trial kit $9.99
Anew Rejuvenate -- Buy one get one for $5!
Solutions Winter Night Cream (night moisturizer) and Day Cream (daytime moisturizer w/SPF) $4.99 each!

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