Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jumping the Gun!

Oh I love my sisters! I really do, they are my best friends.
I have a funny story to tell, though. Today, I got a Christmas card from my sister (who just got engaged to her boyfriend). It was from "Mr. & Mrs. [boyfriends's last name]"
Inside was a picture of them and a save the date announcement. Funny, according to the are ALREADY MARRIED!! Was she just practicing? I have no clue why she did that!
I love my sister, but I think she is jumping the gun on this. I don't think its proper to call yourself a Mrs when you are not (yet). You are jinxing yourself, aren't you??

Granted, I love AB (amazing boyfriend) and I would love it if he was ready to pop the question. Heck, I even thought about doing it myself, but my mom didn't think it was a good idea. He's the type of guy that would want to ask me, not the other way around. If we were engaged, I wouldn't call myself Mrs. AB...until the wedding ring is on and we are announced as such.

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