Friday, January 22, 2010

Its like a pressure cooker

I submitted my blog to the frogpond yesterday on If you haven't been there before, its a fun site. You sign up (its free) and complete a few surveys.
Companies basically send free or low cost items to bzz agents to "buzz" or talk up. I have been a bzz agent for a couple years, and I like it. About 3-4 times a year, I am asked to participate in a campaign. One of my favorite campaigns was for Florida's Natural Orange Juice. Bzz sent me a bunch of $1.00 off coupons to pass out to my friends and free orange juice coupons for me to try and see if I like. I commit to promising to log in to everytime I talk about the product and kinda log in and write what happened, did I pass out a coupon, etc. That's it. I only buy Florida's Natural orange juice now, because I love it, the oranges and fruits come from Florida, and it supports US farmers.
Well, you can submit websites, products, tv shows, anything to I submitted my blog...what you are reading, yesterday. This morning, there were a few reviews about my blog that were less than exciting. I found out I am boring.
So, my goal, if you stick with me, is to be less boring.
I promise.
I will rant about the person that had the nerve to say she didn't have time to read someone's personal blog about nothing. Yeah? Well, how do you have time to just read random sites on No one has a gun to your head, dumbass!!! If you don't have time, don't go to the frogpond---you don't have to! You don't have to go to the frogpond, its completely optional. These are the type of people I can't stand. They are sooo important, and sooo busy, but they have the time to stop and tell you they don't have time for something or that you are less of a person than them.
I'm a nice person who gives away tons of free Avon. Did you know that you horrible person that spent all of 20 seconds on my site?? (yes, I have a stat tracker, and I am somewhat a smart person who can figure out that only one person from Washington viewed my blog and your profile says you are from Washington). Is 20 seconds long enough for a first impression from someone who really doesn't like people who's lives are okay??

Okay, I feel better now.
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To enter, just make a purchase on my online avon store (free shipping code: REPFLYER) during the month of January. One winner per month, limit one entry per person.

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