Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its not good for my diet, but...

I'm having a bad day and I need help.
I'm calling out to all of you.
I am eating cookies at the office right now, had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch, but I'm in trouble.
Tonight, AB and I are making pizza for dinner. I got a big ball of mozzarella cheese and the pizza crust in the tube (pillbury maybe?).
I don't know what happened. Maybe its from stress. Maybe its from overworking. Regardless, I am junking out today!!
The pizza could be okay if I keep it veggie and not too much cheese. Did I say its fresh mozz?? The kind in the ball, soaked in brine, oohhey gooey goodness....yum!
Wish me luck, I need to stop snacking today!!

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