Monday, February 22, 2010

Make more Money!

Looking for an opportunity to make some extra money--working for yourself, and not someone else? Well, why not Avon?

Avon allows you to make your own schedule and do what you want with it. Many people don't know the benefits of working as an Independent Contractor-- like me (an Avon Sales Rep).

Becoming an Avon Rep is easy. Its a nominal fee of $10 to get you started. When I joined, my district manager gave me catalogs and samples to help me get started. I wrote my name on each book with my phone number and dropped them off at the grocery store (next to the homes magazines), the pizza place, and two chinese restaurants. I left a few at the post office on a table. I handed them to my sisters. And, guess what? A week later, I had a few orders. I still do the same thing each week, and I always get a few orders. Its as simple as that. If I had more time, I might walk from door to door hanging catalogs on everyone's steps, but I just don't have enough time in the day.

Have you thought about becoming an Avon Rep? I love it, and you might, too! For only $10, its worth finding out, isn't it??

If you have any interest, please email me--- or visit my online storefront, for more information.

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