Saturday, February 20, 2010

the nightmare (of getting married)

How embarassing! I woke up from a vampire nightmare around 5:15 am. Got up, walked around (to make sure there were none hiding!), grabbed some water and went back to bed. Woke up again around 7 from another nightmare--- AB was going to propose!
Now, that shouldn't be a nightmare...that should be a reason to celebrate. Its something I hope for everyday....and something I hope to one day experience. In my dream, we were in some kind of mall, and he had gotten a flyer of some sort from a jeweler. He said we needed to talk, and I saw a glimpse of the flyer---which was full of pictures of different engagement rings...and I ran!
I ran to find my mom and tell her. I was scared he wanted me to pick out my own ring (I don't want to, thats his job and he has great taste!). I was scared I wasn't ready. After I found my mom, we got lost. Then, I went to a small kiosk looking for a girly product, but I had no money, so I stole it! It didn't make any sense, but I woke up just as scared as the vampire nightmare. The only good thing about the vampire nightmare -- I know I stabbed one of them and they turned to dust. I also had a sword in my hand and waved it around violently and expertly, in my opionion.

Am I scared AB might be ready? Am I not?? He already told me one day we could have a dog...I know he is coming around to that, but....whats wrong with me???

Maybe taping some lipstick samples to some catalogs will help me ease my mind. Yes, the catalogs I put out at the grocery stores have samples. I think samples are the best way to get new customers.

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