Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Well, I am in the spirit, just not wearing green!
What a long day!! I had to do a bpo, which took an abnormal 5 hours!! Usually, I can belt one out in 2 hours. Not today. Nope. Also, I would like to think I am busy for the season (in real estate), but sometimes I think I am going super slow. I need some buyers and sellers!! I am sending about a dozen buyers lists of homes, but no one is looking right now. Not good! Offers need to be accepted by April 30 for the tax credit.
I put in my Avon order for this catalog, and it was huge!! That makes me happy, but ultimately fearing next years taxes after this years!!
**March will be the last month for my giveaways***
Please note this!! I may be doing giveaways again in the future, but as of today, March will be the last regular month for the large grab bag gifts I have done all last year!!
There will be a giveaway for March-- you must order something online before March 31 to qualify for the drawing. One winner will receive a grab bag full of Avon and Mark goodies, valued at more than $20.

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