Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One LB lost!

One pound down! Only 39 more to go.

My sister K and I have been walking this week. Monday we walked about a mile and yesterday it was 1.35 miles. I've also started writing down everything I eat in a notebook. I didn't think that would do the trick, but I found I won't eat something because I don't want it to look bad in the book!! This morning I worked out to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It was my first time in about a month with this workout, so I only lasted a little over halfway through.

Does anyone here have any secrets that could help me? I know I won't lose 40 lbs in two weeks, but I plan on losing at least 15 in one month. K kept saying, "we can eat pizza after the wedding." I agree with her, but I also want to be able to indulge in Vegas, too. We go there in about two weeks for the bachelorette party. I need to be able to fit in my swimsuit and have the energy to last. Believe it or not, I am averaging at 9 hours of sleep/night. On the weekends, sometimes I get 10 or 11, counting naps on Saturday afternoon.

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