Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Blahs

Today has been a wonderful surprise-- above freezing!  Even though it wasn't sunny, it was still in the mid 30s, which felt like a balmy fall day.  How sad is that?  I walked Frank (my dog) twice around the neighborhood, feeling the slushy melting snow under my boots.  The lack of sun did not help motivate me, but I packed up some catalogs to pass out tomorrow when we walk.
One of the problems I have with winter is my dry skin.  I am not normally a person who slathers on the creams, body lotions, or hand salves.  But, this winter has done a number on my 34 year old skin.  I have upgraded my nightly ritual to the Anew reversalist night moisturizer and the Footworks Overnight Renewing Cream.  I put a thick layer on my feet and covered them with slipper socks.
Overnight Renewing Foot Cream is now on sale for $2.99 in my Avon online store.  It works wonders.  I personally use it, and after a few nights, you will want to wear your flip flops just to show those toes and feet off!

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