Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cleaning House

I wouldn't say I was the messiest person in the world, nor am I the cleanest. But, my avon has taken over the living room, and now I must clean.

I would post a picture, but its too embarrasing.

The only good thing is it is too hot outside to go and do stuff. Its hot, humid, sticky, and a heat index of 104. So, instead of going through my avon boxes upon boxes, I am here on blogger, playing with my shiny new blog.

My boyfriend is making dinner tonight. This morning, we went to the local farmer's market and got some beautiful eggplants, cremeni mushrooms, poblano peppers and a loaf of artisian bread. He is making steak tips with mushrooms, and we are going to have stuffed peppers and tacos later this week. I think the eggplant would go great with pasta---that can be another day!!
I love the farmer's market, and I love forcing myself to use up all the good eats I bought there. I know it sounds funny, but I could by all that stuff at the grocery store, pay about the same, and then put it in my fridge and let it mold. When I go to the farmers market, I feel like I am helping local people, the produce is fresh and local, and I feel good. That sounds funny...I feel good. I don't know why I feel good or why that sounds funny, it just does.

On another note, I have 8 large Avon Boxes I have for when I have my first home party. Anyone local want to throw an Avon party?? Its just like a tupperware party, but you feel more at ease to gossip and chat like you would if you got your hair done. I don't give makeovers or manicures, but we do try a lot of great products, and I have tons of samples to give everyone. I also plan on having a "try it" table with q-tips, kleenx, and cotton balls for people to try lipsticks, glosses, foundations, skin creams, and body sprays and colognes. Doesn't that sound fun?? Plus, the hostess gets free avon!!

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