Monday, August 10, 2009

don't pick on me!

What is wrong with people in this world? I am so sick of people mocking others for being themselves!
I think we should appreciate each other -- I can't stand those punk kids mocking each other or their parents or strangers for no reason at all.
I was walking in a store when a Mom was leaving. She had her daughter and another girl (maybe another daughter) with her. The mom dropped her keys, and the daughter made some rude comment and then looked at me for giving her a look.
No. 1: How rude. One day you will miss your mom. One day, you will be mad at yourself for treating your mom like that in public.
No. 2: Get used to going to the store with your mom, because no one else will tolerate your behavior, and you won't have many friends.
No. 3: The more you act like that, the unhappier and sadder you will become.

What's wrong with this world? In the days where some people don't answer your call, but will only text or twitter or facebook you. I want a normal conversation, complete with pauses, questions, laughs (yes, actually laughs, not the standard lmao or lol), and sighs.

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