Sunday, August 9, 2009

Really Cool mark makeup cases!

My snap to it Mark brand Mezzo size case.

The pretty picture on the Avon website.

I love this item! For only $8, you can get the medium sized (Mezzo) snap to it case. This is a reusable makeup case that holds 2 blushes, 4 eyeshadows, or 1 blush and 2 shadows. I really like it! The combinations are almost limitless. Yes, you do have to purchase the makeup separately, but I think its highly worth it. I will also say, the eyeshadows are huge! At $4.50 per eyeshadow, these should last a long time! They are large, and the powder is super fine, which means it glides on easy and lasts. I think this is the best eyeshadow Avon offers.
You can find the shadows here: mark i-mark eyeshadow.
You can hunt for the perfect blush here: mark good glowing blush.

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