Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What? Snow in January? How silly.

I know what you're thinking...how could you get snow in January? Christmas and the New Year are over, shouldn't it start getting warmer? Wrong. Ha ha, that's just how people in my area are acting today. Shocked they woke up to an inch or two of the fluffy white stuff. Breaking News: That's what happens during winter in Indiana...it snows!!
I wish I had a picture, but I was up at 7 am, shoveling my walk, because thats what you do when it snows. Shovel and clean. No big deal, yet everyone here is acting that way.

My hands are really dry and rough today, but no fear. I used Vita Moist hand lotion and felt better seconds later. AB loves the Intensive Moisture Therapy, and even keeps some on the counter in his clubhouse (the garage). Really works well with dry hands and is super cheap!

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