Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Car Update

Well, I got my car back last night!! God bless my brother-- he replaced the fuel filter, all spark plugs and boots (what's a boot?) and now my car feels like it has more power and not revving when I am stopped at a light!!
He said my spark plugs were fried and needed replacing.
Now, I have a powerful monster of a car. Its a definite wake up call that I will need to get a new car this fall. I am going to start saving all my avon money and hopefully Avon will pay for my new car in the next 6 months!! I think its very possible, too.

One of my regulars came to pick up her last order today. We were talking about how we keep extra deodorants around...one in the car, one in the desk at work, one in my bathroom, one in my boyfriends bathroom...and the best part? Avon's deodorants are around 99 cents each (sometimes 89 cents when they are on sale!!). Roll Ons dry without leaving a "goo" on your skin. They smell great and work just as good as the $3-5 dollar varieties at the drugstore.
For every $1 deodorant you buy at my website, I will be 20 cents closer to paying for my new car!! lol.
Actually, I do love Avon's deodorants. My favorite is the skin so soft signature silk. It has a nice smell and works pretty good. You might not be able to run a marathon with it, but you can work in the office or run errands without offending anyone!
Don't forget to stop by my online Avon store and check out everything in the outlet section---this week it is jammed packed with super deals on EVERYTHING!!
Enjoy the spring day!!

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