Friday, February 18, 2011

trying to update my life!

I think I have over extended myself.  Its a tough realization when i wake up from a dream more tired than when I went to sleep.  Last night, I had a dream I was shoveling gravel at my parents home, and when I awoke, I was sore, tired, and my back hurt!  Very weird, and a sign I need to r e l a x .

So, this weekend I ave plans to organize.  I have a lot going on.  I am a Realtor, secretary, crafter, baker, Avon Rep, and writer.  Its tough, but there has to be a way to revamp this site to reflect it all.
Yes, I have joined the likes of Twitter-- follow me on twitter  @lisaleeworks.
I am also giving away MYSTERY BOXES of beauty products on  Search for mystery box of beauty and place a bid!  Yes, you can probably guess the brand, but can you guess the products.  Starting bid is $10 for a medium flat rate shipping box from the post office filled with over $100 worth of items.

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